• Apple is about to introduce electronic tags based on UWB positioning

      According to foreign media reports, Apple will release 3 new iphones based on UWB high-precision positioning technology and launch matching positioning tag accessories in 2020. As is known to all, UWB technology can achieve centimeter high precision positioning. Using this new technology will help Apple find more application scenarios and provide a new user experience for users of IOS system.

      Apple has been added in the iOS 13 related accessories information, it is understood that the size of the accessories for a similar coin round label, it can be attached to in electronic devices, keys, personal bags or other items, in order to find their position at any time, and can be set once beyond the specified distance, cell phone alarm immediately, to prevent item lost or stolen.

      Although IBeacon, a similar product launched by Apple in the past, was not of the same order of accuracy as UWB technology, which provided broad imagination space for more application scenarios. Currently, there are industry-related applications, such as smart home door locks, keyless car entry, and senseless payment, trying to use UWB.

      UWB (Ultra Wide Band, UWB) technology is a kind of carrier of wireless communication technology, it is not the sine carrier, but a non sine wave narrow nanosecond pulse is used to transmit data, so the frequency spectrum of the range is very Wide, it has low system complexity, low transmitting power spectral density, intercept ability is low, is not sensitive to the channel fading, high positioning accuracy, low power consumption, the precision is very suitable for indoor scenarios and positioning.

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