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    Xexun Mini GPS Tracker TK201 & TK203 Time:2013-06-05 05:42:43

    We don't like worries! We don’t like control either… Especially when it concerns our loved ones! But we know that the majority of worries are for no reason. That’s why we believe in a solution that gives reliable and easy information that washes all these worries away.


    Xexun Mini GPS Tracker TK201/203 is a tiny smart personal GPS tracker that locates your loved ones, e.g. children, elderly parents, pets and so on. Through an App, it can be located nearly anytime, from almost anywhere. It has a built in sensor that measures speed and direction, and provides the positions when the GPS signal is lost. It also provides you with valuable information and alerts on battery level, exceeding a speed limit, the distance between you and your loved ones, history footprints&hellip

    GPS Portable Tracker TK201-2


    Xexun Mini GPS Tracker TK201/203 is very simple to use. You first have to buy a SIM card and activate it with a mobile carrier. Once you have ed the card in the tracker, you just follow a couple of steps in the user manual and you're ready to start monitoring your young child, the aged, teen or pet. To find out their location, send a text to the device and it will send you all the information you need to monitor their whereabouts in real time.


    Xexun Mini GPS Tracker TK201/203 gives you an online account where you can track your child, the aged or pet in real time and view a tracking history with mapped coordinates. After calling the tracker with your mobile phone, you will receive a time-and-date stamped text message with its coordinates, in longitude and latitude. If you have a web-connected smartphone you can click on the coordinates and a map will open so you can see the location. If you don't have a smartphone, you will need to type the coordinates into a mapping software app, such as Google Earth, to see where your child, the aged, teen driver or pet is. Xexun Mini GPS Tracker TK201/203 also includes the speed of the device, so you can monitor and keep a log of how fast your teen is driving in the car. 

    The most common way to carry Xexun Mini GPS Tracker TK201/203 for children and the aged is in a pocket, school bag, etc. It can be attached to clothing or a bag, using a clip or lanyard. For pets, we have produced a custom fitted holder for your pet collars.

    Xexun Mini GPS Tracker TK201/203 can give you the real-time location of your child, the aged, teen or runaway pet, and that may be all the information you need to make sure your loved ones are safe. Xexun Mini GPS Tracker TK201/203, just have it now! If you need any technology support, please call or email us immediately!

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