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    Xexun GPS Portable Tracker, Keeps whatever you value most Time:2013-06-05 04:58:42
    Do you want to know if your child is home from school? Do you want to know if your teenager is driving too fast? Do you want to know if your assets/possessions are safe? Do you want to track your car or motorcycle, or bicycle if it is stolen or driven by others? …… Choosing our Xexun GPS Portable Tracker, you will solve all these concerns!
    Xexun GPS Portable Tracker can record time, date, location, speed, direction and trace. And it is so small that you could either always carry it on you or use it on a person or vehicle you want to monitor. It is also used for your asset tracking, such as long-term trailer, property, or jewelry tracking. Some of our Xexun GPS Portable Trackers features tamper alert functions, which will alert you if your assets are stolen or moved. Our real-time asset trackers allow you to view in real time wherever your possessions have removed. There are few investment pieces more valued than your vehicle. Xexun GPS Portable Tracker will let you know where your car, motorcycle, or bicycle is in real time.    
    Xexun GPS Portable Tracker will give you the perfect protection whatever you value most!
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