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    Knowing Your Fleet Clearly, You Need Xexun GPS Vehicle Trackers Time:2013-06-05 04:56:47

    Maybe you want to manage fleet of vehicles from anywhere in China;
    Maybe you want to control your car remotely and effectively;
    Maybe you worried about where and when your drivers have gone;
    Maybe you worried about what speed your drivers are driving;
    Maybe you worried about whether the driver driving against traffic regulations.


    Xexun GPS Vehicle Trackers, all your these worries can be solved easily. Our GPS Vehicle Trackers are commonly used by fleet operators for functions such as fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information and security. 

    GPS Vehicle Tracker/

    Additionally, Our GPS Vehicle Tracker is also a great way to encourage good habits in new drivers. By being able to monitor both location and speed, you'll be able to tell if your drivers are driving responsibly, and if they're staying out too late. With customizable alerts and geofences, you can receive text messages or emails if your drivers enter or exit a certain area, or exceeds a certain speed.


    Xexun is a supplier of simple and effective GPS tracking services. We offer a variety of GPS Tracker products designed to help you track vehicles wherever they may be. If you need to keep an eye on your fleet of vehicles for business, you can choose our XT008/009 or TK103-2.


    We started providing this service in 2002 to help out our existing business customers track their vehicles and manage their service businesses. At Xexun, we guarantee your satisfaction with our products. We can make your fleet management easier, safer and more effective. Please contact us at xexun@xexun.com.


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