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    Usage of Xexun GPS Trackers Time:2013-05-27 04:18:48

    Xexun GPS Trackers can be used in various ways. The following are the basic usage of them.

    1. The Elderly & Disabled People: The elderly & disabled people can benefit from Xexun GPS Tracker while an emergency happens. They can call emergency services in case they fall and can’t get up or because of health issues and be helped quickly. Xexun GPS Tracker has an in-built function called geo-fencing. With a simple text command, you can program the GPS tracker to inform you if it strays too far from a particular location. This is useful if you have a relative or ward who is vulnerable to wandering or getting lost.

    2. From Children or Teenagers: Xexun GPS Tracker gives you full control in today’s crazy world. It could help you prevent a tragedy with your children or teenagers. Actually, Xexun GPS Tracker is also a mini-mobile phone. With preset numbers you can easily program via text, the GPS tracker holder can call out at the touch of a button. Each GPS tracker has a built-in microphone. By texting the GPS tracker with a specific command, the GPS tracker will automatically call you back with the microphone enabled. This is particularly useful as a safety feature – for example, if the GPS tracker sent an SOS alert text, you might want to listen in to the surroundings to see if they are in any trouble. Xexun GPS Tracker simply give you more peace of mind knowing you are connected to those you love most.

    3. Single Women: Some areas are dangerous for a woman by herself. If a woman is alone, a Xexun GPS Tracker in her purse can be a lifesaver if the unthinkable should happen.

    4. Pets: Xexun GPS Tracker turns virtually any sized collar and harness into a GPS dog collar. You can simply attach the device to your dog’s collar and track them. If they ever get lost, searching for the pet then becomes a lot easier.

    5. Vehicle Fleet Tracking & Prevention of Vehicle Theft: Using Xexun GPS Tracker for fleet tracing lets companies manage their routes of their fleets. This cuts down on wasted time and fuel, increasing the overall efficiency of a company. Xexun GPS Tracker is the easiest and most advanced way to know where your vehicle is at all times and to quickly recover it if it is stolen. It will also act as a deterrent for thieves. This will prevent the nightmare of having a car stolen from occurring in the first place.

    6. Police & the Parole Board: Police can benefit by attaching Xexun GPS Tracker to vehicles during investigations, allowing them to easily track movement and come up with solid evidence. Xexun GPS Tracker is also useful for the parole board. It can ensure the parole return to prison on schedule.

    7. Hiking & Camping Enthusiasts: Hikers often venture into some uncharted areas. With Xexun GPS Trackers, hikers who get lost can be recovered quickly should they ever come up missing. Similar to hikers, camping enthusiasts who bring Xexun GPS Trackers with them are less likely to get lost without being rescued. They can also track where they’ve been and where they want to go, enabling them to easily experience new camping spots.

    8. Valuables & Artwork Security: Most of rich people have a number of valuable and commemorative goods, such as jewellery, watches and famous paintings even artworks. As we know, artwork is valuable and irreplaceable, and it is unfortunately a prime target for thieves. With Xexun GPS Tracker, owners can track their location by texting the tracker from any mobile phone and recover it immediately.

    Xexun GPS Tracker will not only be able to get a clear GPS signal while it’s near a window or outdoors. You also need to have a SIM card to put in the GPS tracker – they use GSM mobile networks to be able to send and receive text messages and phone calls. That’s all! You don’t need anything else – except someone or something to track! Xexun GPS Trackerscontrol your world! 
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