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    Benefit analysis of GPS passenger Coach Time:2013-12-12 06:16:10

     1.Lower Cost


    Eliminate driver cheated: because of the automatic monitoring and reporting mode, put an end to attract passengers and drivers on the road and is not turned in earnings, increased corporate earnings;


    Eliminate drivers to steal oil, eliminate false or overstated the driver, claim the bridge, adding fuel costs, repair costs and other expenses in all its forms, eliminate the driver making false Act of cheating the company.


    Personnel cost-saving: as the computerized supervision and management of GPS tracker vehicles and drivers in real time, as generated by the cars for sale on each day at the job for police, the illegal situation, all the costs are automatically generated statistics and forms will appear in print, greatly reducing the admin Ren Gong statistics and scheduling personnel.


    2.Improve Market Competitiveness


    Efficiency improvement: establish a perfect GPS dispatching management system, the company consolidated to manage vehicle and driver, the organic combination of the three vehicles, drivers, customers, assigning work and unity of command and control, rational use, the resource capacity of the company as a whole, maximizing resources with minimal pay advantage.


    Increase in customer trust: GPS trackers dispatching management system brought about by science and technology, the perfect intelligent, improvement of the company's creditworthiness, constant been recognized by customers, the industry and the support, confidence in the company continued rising.


    3. Safety Benefits


    Safe driving: real-time system detecting speed and fatigue driving of the driver, and the supervision of automatic voice warning driver safety features and ensure the safety, to avoid traffic accidents have a significant loss for the company.


    Driving record (black box): the inevitable accident to provide effective driving record based on the audit, prevent the traffic police fines, responsibility and accountability for the driver.



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