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    The Features of XEXUN GPS Tracking System Time:2013-12-10 06:15:24

     Shenzhen Xexun Technology Co.,Ltd has many years of research and development, production and sales experience. Have a good corporate image, excellent sales and service team. Over the years to the GPS tracker, GPS car alarm, car GPS monitor series such as product development, production and sales.


    News highlights of the technology of GPS tracking system


    1. GPS trackers hosts volume small, low power, no radiation, a machine more with, set car, set property, a cartoon, single as long as two root line on can has, without change car circuit, that loaded that with, used advanced of GPSX positioning technology, achieved indoor, outdoor, to library, positioning, positioning no blind, Terminal has alternate battery, General of GPS no, we of map can upgrade, modified, constantly of do innovation, for you provides latest of GPS positioning related features.


    2. Keep track immediately in front of the computer to see the car, car moving, car flags will move the pink on your computer is the walk, you can see the speed, blue is the parking, speed, direction, etc.


    3. The car to go somewhere, somewhere how long stay saved, three lane track and address reports can be exported directly to print, export saved on your computer or removable media such as removable disk, etc.


    4. SMS reply address vehicle position, speed of latitude and longitude.


    5. A variety of ways, whether you are on the side of the computer, or on the outside, no matter how backward phone functions, with or without software, allows you to achieve positioning results.


    6. Car chases, high position stability success rate, and 24-hour surveillance to guarantee personal safety, mobile search, driving track queries



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