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    GPS Vehicle Tracker In the Logistics Industry Time:2013-10-18 10:35:03

     1, History of Upload and Track Playback


    Vehicle history records stored on the GPS vehicle tracker can wirelessly by the Management Center in accordance with the time period in the stored in the Management Center, track map back on in Central Administration to reproduce the driving of the vehicle.

     GPS Vehicle Tracker XT008

    2,Real-time Vehicle Location and travel information


    For choice of vehicle can group by a single car, or all of the vehicles, check real-time vehicle location information and data will be reported to the Central Administration. Location information includes latitude and longitude values, status information includes information such as time, speed, direction, equipment failure.


    3, GPS Real-time Monitor the Vehicle Status Information

    Management Center can be grouped by single cars, or all vehicle ion, request vehicle terminal in accordance with preset time interval successive report vehicle status, real-time position information to achieve continuous real-time monitoring capabilities of the vehicle.


    4, alarm function

    GPS tracker for cars terminals configuration emergency alarm switch (light touch switch or button), in has emergency situation as met robbed, and help, situation occurred Shi, driving personnel by Xia button Hou car terminal will immediately to Management Center sent alarm information, Management Center receives to alarm information Hou immediately to sound tips combines text tips information notification duty personnel, tie electronic map Shang location information for duty personnel provides timely full of alarm information and processing process.



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