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    GPS Car Trackers Intelligence Solutions Time:2013-10-17 05:15:40
    GPS vehicle tracker system as a police vehicle and other sources of special vehicle location information collection, traffic dispatching, security tasks, service management, and plays an important role.


    Vehicle terminal to receive GPS signals and vehicle state data, through the communications system timing, distance, or when the area was called upon to upload data to the dispatch Center, Center to keep track of network location and path of the vehicle;


    GPS vehicle tracker system in addition to the police vehicle outside the location-based service, groups of heavy vehicles can be monitored to track, to facilitate vehicle scheduling;

     GPS Vehicle Tracker XT009

    Vehicle location system can be any named query network, single point, grouping, the point of the whole query, ways can be preset or set named; in-vehicle GPS tracker system can be carried out in case the user is not aware that locating and tracking.


    In-vehicle GPS positioning let cloning vehicles "nowhere to hide


    Road vehicles monitoring records system using advanced of photoelectric, and computer, and image handling, and mode recognition, and remote data access, technology, to monitoring road past of each a car motor vehicle of Qian Department objects levy image and vehicles panorama image for continuous available real-time records, computer according to by shooting of image for license plate automatically recognition, and can for vehicles dynamic dispatched, to speed, and retrograde, illegal and was stolen Rob, and hit escape, and crime suspected vehicles for alarm, Various monitoring points through the network will send information to the traffic control centre, the implementation of information sharing. 

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