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    GPS Tracker Frequently Asked Questions Time:2013-10-16 10:29:07

     1 ·Q: why GPS tracker will appear to shift

    A: the earlier GPS due to collect the star power is relatively weak, there will always be broken, especially when used for navigation in the city, causing much inconvenience. Later development of civilian GPS chips, GPS signal signal is not strong enough revenues, thus causing the drift phenomena. With the continuous development of software and hardware upgrade, I believe this situation will be less and less.


    2 ·Q: why GPS tracker receives no stars (not available)?

    A GPS signal vulnerable buildings and metal barrier, so make sure your GPS tracker is used outdoors. If you are unable to locate inside the car, it's first GPS car tracker into the roof, cold start try again to see if the GPS, normal and then put inside the car. Please check whether your GPS and your device is connected.


    3 · Qwhy does my computer not found GPS device?

    A: Please make sure your computer is correctly installed drivers. If confirm installation properly, please go to the query port in Device Manager, you can find where the GPS port number, and then set the GPS software for the port.


    4 · Q:GPS you get directly to PDA, and why didn't you?

    A: the questions are vague, General GPS through serial port (is the port you used for synchronization), CF, SD, Bluetooth and other methods and your PDA is connected.


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