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    GPS Vehicle Trackers to Prevent Auto Theft Time:2013-10-11 10:48:47

     Now a lot of people have their own cars, while more and more people are worried about car theft problem, GPS trackers could well prevent auto theft for owners master the dynamics of car anytime, anywhere.

     GPS Vehicle Tracker XT008

    Tip1: "lock". For car theft, the most direct and effective way than for the car plus "locks", that is, we often say that the GPS vehicle trackers. This would do well to formal 4S shop, quality, maintenance are guaranteed.


    Tip2: the "it". Owners must become a habit, push the lock used to take in case they suddenly draws back the door and came in. The car has stopped, to check whether all the doors and Windows were locked out to leave, some owners get off often don't lock the doors and the trunk, tends to cause the devastating consequences of the car loses.


    Tip3: "tube". As long as the owner is not in the car, even if only tens of seconds, be sure to turn off the lock, take the car keys. Don't leave a spare key in the car, in case the thieves found Grand and the car; driving when you go to the public, not to refer to on behalf of car parking, it will be very easy for thieves to key; alarm remotes and keys separately, do not put together.


    Tip4: "cut". Parking spaces are also important, to the extent possible, route to a single car in the open terrain, pedestrians more space. At night, Park your car in a well-lit place, conditional, docked in a closed community garage and supervised places.


    Tip5: "expensive". Don't put valuables in the car. First thing is don't leave valuables and belongings in the car the light, again because of the safety car, glass is transparent, the saying goes, "have no fear of thieves stole a thief comes." The valuables in the car, but will greatly increase the attraction of car thieves in the eyes.


    Tip6: "Save". To prevent car theft, car owners should pay attention to save the manufacturer and model of the car; the vehicle's licence number, model number, color; engine size and type, and include a variety of changes to information; all the key number; vehicle license and registration number; insurance companies and insurance agents name; date and place of purchase; vehicles of special signs. Once the vehicle was recovered by police, owners can quickly identify, claim compensation from the insurance company is also more convenient.


    Tip7: "see". Check your car is daily homework. On a rainy day or in a noisy environment to be more short note alarm ringing. Police interrogation found that theft of common practices before the theft was one of intentionally touching the target body, kick ass, anti-theft devices, such as alarm beep, quickly bypassed. Vehicle owners have to get up and see, or stolen car thieves find that owners do not pay attention, will soon cut off alarm lines will drive off.

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