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    Difference between GPS Navigator and GPS car trackers Time:2013-10-09 09:40:14

     Based on the GPS Navigator's rapid rise, immediately attracted a large number of manufacturers of this new industry participation, to compete, and this is a huge cake. Starting from 2007, GPS industries in China has entered a relatively mature market demand for further expansion at this period, enhance awareness of consumer GPS navigation devices.

     GPS Vehicle Tracker TK103-2

    Many consumers now heard the GPS they considered a navigation device, a lot of people have no concept of Locator, GPS Locator and GPS navigation systems are two entirely different concepts, all current GPS position Terminal, no navigation functions.


    GPS car trackers ads seen on TV, and this car GPS is totally different. It is a GPS navigation products, as navigation is needed, first position, which is starting point for navigation, which is different from real GPS tracker, it must not send location information to third parties and holders, phone features missing from the Navigator. Your Navigator in the car, your friend had borrowed his car and drove away, navigators could not send a message to you, then you will not be able to find the vehicle position. So navigation was unable to locate. Navigation Terminal navigation routes, so you don't get lost in strange places, draw a route to get to your destination, tell you their current location, and the surrounding facilities and so on.


    basic functions of GPS vehicle tracker: 1, ready position, 2, track playback in 3, electronic fences, 4, the overspeed alarm; 5, zone alarm 6, oil-powered down; 7, online car; 8, statistics features. These are GPS navigation devices do not.


    GPS tracker installed requires a certain amount of anonymity, in order to better play the role of burglar, was installed on car, wouldn't be able to see the machine and need to view the maps navigation GPS navigation device line, installed more conspicuous, there cannot be combined into one. But with the market and technological developments, sooner or later, both the fusion thing.


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