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    GPS Car Trackers and GPS Navigator Time:2013-10-08 10:55:56

    GPS global positioning system using satellites, positioning in real time on a global scale, the navigation system.


    Through GPS tracker function, you can provide a vehicle navigation,anti-theft, anti-hijacking, route control and call features such as command. Today's automotive GPS products are mainly divided into two broad categories: GPS tracker and GPS navigation.

     GPS Vehicle Tracker XT008

    GPS navigation systems to help users pinpoint your current location, and calculated according to established destinations travel, by displaying maps and voice prompts guide the user to the destination device in two ways, is widely used in transportation, tourism and so on, is usually used in-car GPS navigation device.


    Operation requires a combination of GPS systems GPS navigation devices and car navigation systems,GPS system alone is not enough, it is only able to receive GPS satellite sends data,calculate the user's three dimensional position,orientation,and velocity and time information, no path computation capabilities. Users of GPS receiving equipment to achieve the course also requires a complete set of navigation features include hardware devices, car navigation systems, electronic maps and navigation software. GPS navigation device commonly used features are: automatic navigation, route planning, map query.


    GPS tracker is the built-in GPS module and mobile terminal communication module, passed by the location data from the GPS module module for mobile communications (GSM/GPRS network) are transmitted to a server on the Internet, so you can achieve in a query on a computer terminal location. For children and the elderly, movement control, highway patrol, precious cargo tracking, tracking and Dispatching of duty, private investigator tools, personal property track, pet tracking, wildlife tracking, cargo, car alarm, bike alarm,GPS tracker for cars, motorcycle theft, Bank armored cars, police exercises control, investigation tracking, corporate management, and so on.


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