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    GPS Personal Tracker main function Time:2013-10-02 10:36:36

    The main function of GPS portable tracker


    1.Watch-wearing chest or hanging wears can also be worn on a belt. This machine used A-GPS anti-drift base station positioning and United States GPS satellite positioning phase combines of approach do as accurate to positioning and effective prevent shield corner, can remote through smart phone for location query, and track, also can by password remote landed IE browse was monitoring object of exact location and mobile track, which needs and CMS call platform group network operations only can achieved, this monitoring mode Xia, duty personnel also can in platform Shang at any time master and monitoring was monitoring object of location.


    2, wear it in an emergency situation when you can press the SOS emergency call, in which case the received signal for help relatives or platform officer on duty can help farmers duplex (two-way) voice talk.


    3, loved ones or the platform attendant can dial queries being monitored or protected objects at any time to get a grip on the current situation in time.


    4, remote care monitoring. Even if protected or lost due to diseases by monitoring objects for attack or ability themselves to save yourself, others can be found through GPS tracker and GSM voice signal being monitored the implementation of rescue.


    5, two-way intercom powerful. I need to highlight here is that the two-way intercom pickup amplifier range, good sound quality, filtered clear.


    6, security-pass call platform systems. Through GPRS network to achieve profitable operations.


    7, hidden alarms. Hold the machine can be mounted on the vehicle vibrations, portable doll, doll, or even within the bag, in case of need, expressionless alarm is triggered, it sat in the prisoner's eyes.


    8, camouflage police. This machine can make a variety of camouflage to carry, for example, pupils on a school trip were often worn in the leg, the bag hangs around the neck, and so on, some carrying bags to camouflage within the toy on.


    9, super energy saving. 14 ways to achieve energy-saving effect.


    10, black box records. Can store a variety of records, such as displacement of track logs, demolition, pull the battery, and can be moved in case of signal loss signal is temporarily stored and to reach intelligent recorder black box effect function.


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