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    GPS portable tracker use situation Time:2013-09-29 05:50:58


     GPS portable tracker main use situation is: When the user comes across the thunderbolt or needs the center administrative personnel serves or rescues, presses down on the wristwatch emergency call button SOS, may with the community service center relation or the security company or 110 control center relation (as follows general designation center administrative personnel), can demonstrate immediately on the central computer screen this user the material (for example user name, present position, family address, family member telephone, medical record and so on), the center administrative personnel may to says through the user terminal and the user, even if the old person is unable the spoken language, the operator also may the old person material which springs through the computer on, understands the user the material, and according to situation prompt use,The suitable measure serves for the customer.

     GPS Portable Tracker TK102-2

    Usually, once in a while, user GPS the GSM wristwatch sends out the signal to the center, indicates the user with the terminal device and the line normal, when meets the main engine battery low pressure, also can inform the center.These daily communications, all are use the electricity display mode to carry on the relation, surpasses period of time (to be possible to establish) not with the central relation user, can demonstrate on the central computer.


    The GPS personal tracker is aims at the weak trend crowd to provide the real-time position inquiry, fixed time inquires as well as functions and so on motion path inquiry.Hoped slightly arranges this article, can let everybody track the locator to GPS the use to have a better understanding personally.

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