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    The GPS Portable Tracker main characteristic Time:2013-09-24 10:31:51

    1, The appropriate size and the weight, facilitate the carryhome, the too young not convenient old person uses, the overweight not convenient child carries;


    2, The single bond urgent button may request the help, fast found the human who may need to help, the fast digit dialing button may dial the number which establishes in advance, establishes the good contact person's telephone number in advance, has provided the quicker operating mode for the old person and the child.Does not need to input opposite party telephone number, omits trouble which dials under the emergency telephones.And may filter the non-registration telephone number to come the electricity.

    GPS Portable Tracker TK102-2  

    3, May provide equipment at present the positional information, the child so long as wears the GPS tracker, the guardian may understand as necessary the child locates the position, controls the child well who uses the handset;


    4, The guardian may the school this region hypothesis be a safe area, once attends class the period child to leave the safe area, the equipment can transmit automatically for the guardian reports to the police the information.


    From the GPS portable tracker use, the function and the characteristic looked, tracing in child's security aspect can certain help function.The GPS tracker urgently reports to the police the function to be extremely useful in particular.Although the guardian all has the handset for each students, but the handset has the digit dialing after all the question, once has the emergency case, specially meets the unlawful element, dials the possibility which telephones to be extremely small, but the GPS tracker has been different, in the GPS tracing has a button, after so long as presses down the urgent button, may carry on reports to the police, when reports to the police will report to the police the positional information prompt transmission proficient long handset which the human will be at.

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