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    GPS Tracking and LBS (Location Based System) Concept Time:2013-09-23 03:08:58

    GPS Tracking:

    GPS (Global Positioning System) is the global positioning system, is a satellite navigation positioning system which establishes by US, uses this system, the user may realize all-weather, continual, the real-time three dimensional navigation localization in the global scope and measure fast; Moreover, uses this system, the user also can carry on the high accuracy the time transmission and the high accuracy precise localization.


    LBS tracking:

    LBS tracking(Location Based System) The base depot localization applies generally in the handset user, the handset base depot localization service is called moves the position service (LBS--Location Based Service), it is (for example the GSM net) gains the mobile termination user's positional information through the telecommunication migration operation business network (latitude and longitude coordinates).


    Its approximate principle is: The mobile phone survey different base depot downward pilot signal, obtains different base depot downward pilot frequency TOA (Time of Arrival, arrival time), and unifies the base depot according to this measurement result the coordinates, uses the triangle formula estimate algorithm generally, can calculate the mobile phone the position.


    The actual position estimated the algorithm needs to consider the multi-base depots (3 or above 3) locates situation, therefore the algorithm wants complex very many.The traveling carriage survey base depot number are generally speaking more, the measuring accuracy is higher, the localization performance improvement is more obvious.

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