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    Enhances the Map of GPS Tracking to Locate Accuracy Time:2013-09-22 10:04:34

    To use the map mark service people all to know that, has the error in mainland China mark latitude and longitude and the real latitude and longitude, at overseas actually unusual error.This is because in domestic makes the map service operation business all to have to defer to the domestic some legal laws and regulations.

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    Regardless of is the paper map or the electronic map, if needs civil, but disagrees the legal laws and regulations to conflict, must make the special handling to some informations, the coordinates information is a item.At present may know, National Mapping Department to the civil public electronic map, has made coordinates displacement processing, the concrete displacement algorithm is the security.


    But the coordinates correct map uses the application to some need which the real latitude and longitude locates (for instance vehicles monitoring, personnel to locate) is the life, the map coordinates is inaccurate, radically is unable the monitoring localization function.Regardless of is GPS vehicle trackers or the GPS portable tracker all is same.In view of this situation, if carries on this displacement the adjustment is various map the prime question which needs to solve using the manufacturer.


    At present, the most popular procedure is uses the sampling point to carry on the adjustment.The Shenzhen Xexun Technology Co.,Ltd has built own adjustment sampling storehouse according to this, and optimizes the adjustment algorithm, can use less sampling points to be able to achieve the bigger adjustment precision.Now accumulated has covered national the sampling point, and in operation process unceasingly rich and optimized sampling and adjustment algorithm.This is the user uses the peaceful bit to look up the vehicle system to be able to obtain the better track effect.


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