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    The GPS tracker needed any type the handset card (the SIM card) Time:2013-09-18 04:02:03

    XeXun GPS vehicle trackers to carry the locator to unify the modern wireless communication and the GPS satellite positioning technology, mainly used in the electric car, the motorcycle, the automobile security.


    Transmits through the wireless network the positional information the background processing.May understand the peaceful bit security is a handset GPS tradition remote control security, therefore the peaceful bit security needs to provide the handset card, can use.


    The GPS tracker is suitable for the GSM/GPRS network, in China, China moves available with China Unicom's handset card carries in the localization in the GPS car trackers.

     GPS Vehicle Tracker XT008

    The user after purchased the GPS vehicle tracker to carry the locator, should according to the instruction booklet request, dispose China to move or China Unicom's handset SIM card, cleared the GPRS surfer function, but did not need to clear the electricity demonstration function.The handset SIM card also needs to clear the GPRS data service function.


    Handset SIM card moves which regarding China, may dial the service telephone 10086 clear data service function which China moves, the first choice CMNET way, also may choose the CMWAP way; Regarding China Unicom's handset SIM card, may dial China Unicom's service telephone 10010 clear data service function, first choice UNINET, also may choose the UNIWAP way.The clear data service suggested s the GPRS lowest fees set meal.

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