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    “Five Heavy Security” for GPS Tracker Time:2013-09-17 10:55:06

     “five heavy security” contain:

    1.Vibration induces, when the bandits and thieves touch the vehicles, the acousto-optics reports to the police, frightens the anti- bandits and thieves, sleeps lightly the master, and the short note informs the vehicle owner handset


    2.Batteries to rob reports to the police, when the vehicles battery is excised, sends out “outside meets the vehicles power source to excise” the short note to the vehicle owner handset.

     GPS Vehicle Tracker XT009

    3. shifting reports to the police, when the vehicles emigrate the hypothesis region by the bandits and thieves, sends out automatically “is possibly robbed” the short note to the master handset.


    4. Cut-off electromechanical power supply: When the user confirmed the vehicles are robbed, may send the short note cut-off electromechanical power supply, makes the bandits and thieves not to be able to start.


    5.Vehicles position tracing, after the vehicles by the robber, the vehicle owner inquire through the handset and the Internet the vehicles real-time position, the vehicles return the positional information, the implementation pursue the robber.


    GPS trackers “five heavy security, mainly is suitable the patentability product concept which guards against theft in the motorcycle and the electric car and pursues robs, can rob in the vehicles in the process to implement frightens, finds out by secret inquiry is robbed the behavior the occurrence and informs promptly the vehicle owner handset, and can carry on after the vehicles by the robber the localization and tracing, for pursues the robber to provide the best technical support.

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