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    The GPS Personal Tracker Main Function Time:2013-09-16 11:16:23


    1.XEXUN GPS personal tracker bids good-bye manner wearing or the chest suspension type wearing, also may wear on the waistband.And the this aircraft uses A-GPS to guard against drifts the base depot localization the means which unifies with the American GPS satellite positioning to achieve locates as far as possible accurately prevents the shield dead angle effectively, but long-distance carries on the position inquiry, the track through the intelligent handset, but also may long-distance land the IE browsing depending on the password to monitor the object the accurate position and the motion path, the latter needs and CMS calls the platform network operation only then to be possible to realize, under this kind of monitoring pattern, the attendant also may grasp and the monitoring as necessary in the platform is monitored the object the position.

     GPS Portable Tracker TK102-2

    2. wears the GPS personal tracker meets emergency case time to be possible to press down SOS to call for help urgently, this time, receives seeks help the signal family member or the platform attendant may (bidirectional) the pronunciation to say with the praying for rescue duplex.


    3, the family member or the platform attendant may the digit dialing inquiry monitor as necessary or is grasped by the protection object at present at the right moment the situation.


    4, long-distance nursing monitor.Because even if is protected or is monitored the object to attack temporarily or disease loses takes care of oneself helps oneself ability, other people still may found through the GPS individual localization function and the GSM pronunciation signal are monitored the object implementation to rescue.


    5, bidirectional to speaks the function to be formidable.Here need specially proposes, this machine bidirectional to speaks the electric pickup merit to put is away from far, the acoustic fidelity is good, the filtration is clear.


    6, calls the platform system networking with An Baotong.May gain the operation through the GPRS network realization.


    7, the hiding reports to the police.In this machine may install in the vehicles hugs inspires, along with in the puppet doll, even in the book bag, in needs in the situation, maintains composure triggering to report to the police, has hidden the truth from criminal's eye.


    8, the camouflage reports to the police.This machine may carry on each kind of camouflage carryhome, for example, the elementary student in is on vacation from school often wears on the way on the leg, in the book bag, hangs on the neck and so on, some are the carryhome camouflages in the book bag toy.


    9, super electricity saving. Uses 14 means to achieve the electricity saving effect.


    10, flight recorder record.The deep peaceful GPS portable tracker may store up each kind of displacement path record, the disassemblage, digs out records and so on battery, but also may store up temporarily in the motion signal flaw situation the signal, achieves the flight recorder intelligence recording instrument the effect function.

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