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    According to the type of GPS vehicle trackers installation location Time:2013-09-13 03:46:11

    The owner may, according to the two types of the characteristics of the GPS vehicle trackers to choose:


    Without wiring can be installed in many parts of the country, some products can be controlled by the magnet adsorption on car body, it can be installed in the chassis and other unexpected position, but because of the need to recharge regularly, so you can consider to choose a more turns used interchangeably, but need to pay attention to the location of the place, can't take it for granted to think car thief can't find, as far as possible put in the place where the thief is not easy to find, chassis and other places the thief can get contact, so need to consider carefully when installed in the car.


    Need wiring generally consider installation under the dashboard or under the driver seat, if only install positioning function, car dome light, door, car tail lights and so on many places can also be considered.


    If you want to do better, can consider in different locations to install two or more locators, thieves dismantled after a tended to be taken lightly, and want to split out entirely too time-consuming, of course, the GPS tracker is need to pay the service fee and traffic cost, such as installing multiple locator will lead to a renewal of quota increase, specific how to choose their own measure would require the owner.

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