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    Simple Introduction for GPS Personal Tracker Time:2013-09-12 06:01:57

    What is GPS Personal Tracker?


    Shenzhen Xexun technology produces GPS tracker for kids and old people recently. It is mainly to be used to protect kids and the elder. It is compact size and 50g only. It can be put on the wrist , necklace or in the pocket and track anytime.

      GPS Portable Tracker XT107

    The Working Way for GPS Tracker


    GPS personal tracker works as the other gps hardware. It searches GPS signal by GPS satellite, then send it by SMS and GPRS through GSM network. The main functions for this item is real-time tracking, monitoring, anti-theft.


    You can track by mobile phone, network, PDA any time and any place. The position can be checked no matter the tracker is in the room or in the basement.


    This tracker can be sticked on the car or the other objects. It is easier to hide because of the small size.

    It is a good choice for kids, elder persons .

    The police can use it to track the criminals.

    The position can be tracked accurately when the tracker is in the desert, the forest or the sea.


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