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    GPS Personal Tracker using Time:2013-09-10 04:44:44

     GPS personal tracker, the main use is: when wearing the GPS personal tracker the user an unexpected event or need to center management service, or relief, press the watch the Emergency Call button SOS, to community service center or security companies or 110 Command Center (hereafter center managers), in the center of the computer screen, it will show the user's information, such as a user's name, location, home address, family, medical, etc. ) and the management through a user terminal and the user to speak, even if they cannot be verbal, the operator can also use Computer pop-up of the information of elderly participants, for the user's information, and timely and appropriate measures are adopted for the customer.

     GPS Portable Tracker TK201-2


    Usually, every time the user GPS + GSM watches the Center sends a signal to the user terminal equipment and line is, when the low battery, it will notify the Center. The daily communication, call the contact to over a period of time (set) is not the center of the user, will be available at the center of the computer display.


    Children, students, the elderly, the single women and out-of-office workout staff in the social workers represent a significant proportion of these groups is that the device needs the customer groups, and more than occasional emergencies, to be able to a key position and the emergency information to quickly escalate to the warranty the system to the Police operations center, security system to the police information, on the screen will be displayed clearly for who is in what position the police information, which several staff members on duty from the nearest to the place, and then, the GPS portable tracker system will automatically notify the nearby duty place before the police.

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