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    The Performance Index for GPS Tracker Time:2013-09-05 05:28:17

    1.satellite trace

    Most of the GPS tracker can get 8-12 satellites and it needs at least three satellites to calculate the 3 dimensional coordinates. GPS receiver knows GPS tracker quality near it, so it can get nearest GPS signal always from the satellites.


    2.Parallel Channel

    Some GPS hardware s can get GPS signal from 2-5 channels and most 12 channels( the average is 8 channels). This means the GPS hardware has to get GPS signal according to the GPS satellites order.


    3. Tracking Time

    It means the tracking time when you restart your GPS tracker. If the tracker is near the last position it tracks for 12 channels, the cold operation time is 3-5 minutes and warm operation is 15-30 seconds. But for 2 channels, the cold operation time is more than 15 minutes and warm operation is 2-5 minutes.


    4.tracking accuracy

    The GPS tracker accuracy for horizontal position can be 20-30m,but it is happened only when SA is not opened. Some suppliers claim that their trackers can do this, but this can be done only when SA is closed.


    5. signal interference 

    GPS tracker has to get 3-5 satellites at least to get  accurate position. But the tracker can not get enough gps satellites when it is in the valley or on the street with crowded buildings. If you are in the building, the tracker can not get valid gps signal, so there is no valid position. Some gps hardware has external antenna to strength gps signal


    6.physical index

    We need to consider size, weight, screen, water proofing, power consumption etc when we want to purchaseGPS tracker.


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