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    The Main Application Fields of GPS Time:2013-09-03 11:07:02

    一、GPS is Applied to Navigation

    Do navigation for boat, car and airplane. Such as:

        1.Navigate for boat when it is in sea

        2. Navigate for airplane when it lands

        3.Navigate for car

        4.Track the car and manage the city traffic

        5.Help in emergency

        6.Protect person in travelling

        7.Connect with mobile, PDA and digital map

    二、GPS is Applied to Navigation GPS Tracker

         1.GPS car trackers---main used for Monitoring, positioning and trcking

       2. GPS personal tracker--- protect elder person, kid and employee outside

         3.GPS watch tracker


    三、Time Service by GPS
        1. The same time for Electricity, email and communication
        2. Correct the accurate time
        3. Correct the accurate frequency

    四、Measure by GPS
        1.  Different levels for measuring the land

        2. Sample for road
        3. Measure the underwater topography 

        4. Measure for crustal movement
        6. Control for machine
        7. Agricultrue

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