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    Main components of GPS tracker system Time:2013-08-30 11:38:51


    GPS tracker system main components: the space part, control part and users.


    Space segments is the floorboard of the GPS satellite. The average height of a man-made satellite about 20200 km, orbit is an ellipse, located in one of the ellipse focus on earth; Operation cycle is about 12 hours. In the orbit of about 55 ° six Angle are not evenly distributed on the surface of the nearly 30 navigation satellites, part of spare satellites and the U.S. military to the number of satellites can be adjusted by the ground control part.

    In the GPS system, GPS satellite is dynamic known points, client all the navigation and positioning information is based on the dynamic of known points to send "ephemeris" calculated.


    Ground control part is the core of the whole system. All of the GPS satellites used for navigation and positioning of broadcast ephemeris, are provided by distributing the five monitoring stations on the ground. The ground system is responsible for monitoring the GPS signals, data collection, calculation and into the navigation message, state diagnosis, orbit correction, etc.

    It is the ground monitoring and control system of mass data processing, makes the GPS tracker system to function.


    GPS trackers, positioning module called user part, it is like A "radio" receiving and demodulation of satellite radio C/A code signal, in the frequency of 1575.42 MHz. GPS module does not broadcast signal, belongs to the passive position. Through operation with pseudo distance of each satellite, using distance intersection method to find the receiver of longitude, latitude, altitude and time correction of the four parameters, characteristic is its speed, but the error is large.

    First locating module will take at least four satellites to participate in computing, called 3 d positioning, three satellite 2 d positioning can be realized, but poor precision.

    GPS module through serial communication port output NMEA format and position information and auxiliary information, the receiver can choose applications.

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