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    How to Use GPS Tracker Quickly Time:2013-08-29 02:57:32

    Will you know how to use GPS trackers if it is with English manual? How to use full functions by a few buttons?


    The most important thing for GPS is waypoint. We advice you use the GPS tracker according to the following:

    1.The on/off button for the tracker power

    2.How to change the typing way for letters and numbers.

    3. Find the basic functions, then change them as the following:Unit,metric,map datum,position format

    4. Whether the tracker needs to do initial setting for the tracker

    5. how to set up and clear the waypoints

    6. How to turn on/off the GOTO
    You will know how to use GPS tracker correctly if you ask the salesman the questions above. This is the quickest way to use full functions of GPS tracker.


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