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    The Related Technology and Kinds for GPS Tracker Device Time:2013-08-26 06:23:36

    The following is the different kinds for GPS tracker device:


    for military

    for measuring and investigation

    for boat

    for airplane

    portable receiver for airplane

    GPS portable tracker for civil use

    pcb board including GPS module

    multi-function receiver(gps+navigate, mobile phone etc)


    GPS tracker for No.6 is suitable in climbing. It is perfect GPS receiver with small size, but it is with much technology:

    receive and calculate for high frequency signal

    anti-electronic interference

    sensitivity for gps receiving

    waterproofed and shockproofed

    compatibile and stable for firmware and hardware

    firmware port with humanization design

    quality testing and maintaining

    Each step above needs advanced technology, complete testing equipment and rich experience in order to produce one GPS trackers with good quality.

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