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    Electrombile can also be installed anti-theft GPS Tracking system Time:2013-08-23 11:09:49
    The battery or the vehicle theft problem electric car drivers were headache, what's the solution? Now there is a GPS tracker devices can help the owner find vehicles in a short time, that is xexun GPS tracker.

     GPS Vehicle Tracker TK103-2

    A few days ago, Mr Lin found his Electrombile stolen, immediately report to the police. Rushed to the scene of the police, said the place not installed cameras, investigation is difficult, if electric vehicles to install the GPS tracker, is possible by positioning the car back. "The car has been stolen, and now he is too late." Mr. Lin for helpless.


    The GPS tracker device is an electric vehicle anti-theft GPS vehicle tracker system. This is a system and mobile phone number binding. Owners in electric vehicle positioning system after installation, if the battery is stolen or the vehicle was stolen, installed in the electric vehicle anti-theft terminal within the sensor will send security warning information to the owner's mobile phone. Owners can then send text messages or monitoring software of stolen electric cars or battery location query, and can contact the police to show the location of the positioning "finding the car".


    Good news GPS tracker can meet the vehicle positioning, 24 hours a day at any time to master the travel of the car. No longer worry about the stolen.

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