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    Introduction for GPS Portable Tracker Time:2013-08-22 10:56:08
     GPS portable tracking or protection is need for all of the people now including kids, elderly, travelers, policemen etc. The request for GPS personal tracking is more and more now.


    GPS tracker offers tracking for people by the technology of GPS tracking software, GSM network. We can manage people by advanced GIS database and Network.

     GPS Portable Tracker TK102-2

    People can be managed, dispatched by tracking center.

    Main functions for GPS personal tracker are tracking, SOS. Commands can be sent and received from GPRS network to monitoring center. GPS employee offers LCD display, commands-senting. LCD can display this by text and people can talk about also


    The target client for GPS personal tracker is employee management. It can offer tracking software including GIS,GPS tracking so that the center can know people’s postions and driving statement.


    The user can monitor people by mobile phone, web. The monitoring center can offer the accurate position such as tracking, driving history, SMS reminder, SOS etc. In this way, the manager can manage the employee simply and efficiently.

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