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    GPS Tracker Application(二) Time:2013-08-19 06:34:40

    1.GPS Tracker in car-renting field

    GPS solution in car-renting field is mainly used to record state of the car driving, fix car driving area and do history trace etc. GPS tracking system can manage the cars  scientificly. GPS tracker can combine with other technology to offer security for cars.

    gps tracker in taxi field 


    2.GPS Tracker is Used Mainly in Taxi Field for Taxi Dispataching.


    The customer can dial to the center and the center will find the car with vacancy nearest. The taxi will go to the customer’s place within several minuts.

    This kind of calling car-service bring much convinence for the passengers. It can raise the use rate of the taxies, lower the traffic jam.

    From environment point of view, it can save energy, decrease  Exhaust fumes from cars

    From driver point of view, GPS tracker can prevent Fatigue driving and increase salary. We believe more and more people will get profit from this.


    3.GPS Tracking System is in Bus Field 

    GPS tracker on bus will send detailed information such as traffic jam,car electric locomotive fault  to tracking software. The center will send dispatch the cars ,check some information about cars, roads etc. In this case, the buses can be manged well.The tracking software can broadcase the bus stop and sceen along the street.


    Digital bus stop get the information for car position,speed and display the car driving information. The passengers can know the time to arrive . GPS technology will bring more and more convinence for our life in public transportation.



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