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    Main Application for GPS Tracker(一) Time:2013-08-16 06:09:41

    一、GPS Tracker Used in Long-Distance Transportation Bus


    GPS tracker is used to manage the bus’ positions and driving statement. The user can get real-time position and more information for the bus if there is GPS tracker on it. 

     GPS vehicle tracker xt009

    Transportation company can know more about the statement of the buses by GPS monitoring center such as the bus’ driving trace, the stopping places. The clients can check their package from internet also at the same time.


     Besides, there are value-added services from the GPS tracker such as the weather situation, the anti-theft function, so GPS tracker can offer security for the driver, the transportation company also. GPS Vehicle tracker will offer more and more value for our life in the future.


    二、GPS Tracker Used in Cash Truck 

     Main function of GPS tracker for cash track is to check the driving places such as whether the track is driven according to the fixed road. The tracker will send sms to tracking software always and the monitoring center can know the position of the cash track.


    The supercargo will press SOS button in emergency and the monitoring center will know the track’s position, speed,driving road. The montoring center will send the SOS data to the policemen’s tracking software at the same time so that the policemen can find them at once

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