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    Introduction for GPS Tracker with Chipset (二) Time:2013-08-13 10:38:35

    1.Channel Number

     two dimension tracking for three satellites, three-dimensional tracking for four satellites which is basic theory for GPS tracker hardware. GPS receiver can get more GPS satlites, but it will calculate the satellites which is strongest signal .Some military GPS trackers are five channels,but only four satellites can be used to track.


    So it does not mean the tracker is better with more channels. Generally speaking, it is enough for 12 satellites.


    2. DB

    It is different standard for DB in different suppliers. Some are modules, some are modules with antenna. So DB number is only to do as reference.


    3 .GPS chipset III features:

    1) Quick track: It needs 5-30s no matter it is cold operation or warm operation

    2) Sensitivity: some GPS vehicle tracker can get four salites even if in the tube or in the car.

    3)Prevent Inference: can work even if there is inference

    4) Lower Consumption:can be in sleeping-mode to save power and longer the standby time

    5)Small Size :small size is the needs of society development. Actrually it is the same price or even lower for chipset III with chipset II. But it is more functions. T-38 is with 16 channels and is RMB200-300 only


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