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    Relevant Introducing on GPS Ttracker chipset III Time:2013-08-09 09:45:46


    1.GPS chipset:

    three kinds of GPS tracker chipset are used mainly on the world:

        (1) SIRFSirf

        (2) SONY

        (3) NENEM

     GPS Portable Tracker XT107

     2 .Main Parts for Chipset III

    The chipset is similar from hardware, so the mainly difference is internal firmware. Chipset III is improved calculation in the firmware based on chipset II


     3. Main functions of chipset III
    (1) Quicker to search GPS signal and quicker to track 

    (2) More accurate on coordinate because the interference is prevented

    (3) Some chipset is with DR function, so can get better GPS signal in the tube

    (4) Search 12-24 satelites and can track still when people, car moves.


    4.GPS Module and Product:

    There are many kinds of GPS tracker China product on the market and it does not mean all of the products with chipset III are good. Chipset is main part of GPSproduct which is heart or brain for people.

    We need to consider the other parts such as GPS antenna.

    5. Antenna is the Most Important Factor

    GPS portable tracker,PDA,Bluetooth,G-mouse are with GPS antenna.GPS antenna needs to


    Compatible with GPS module and the other things. So if GPS antenna is good,GPS car tracker can be used in car and under the car.


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