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    Introduction to the Signal of GPS Tracker Time:2013-08-08 10:06:01
    Because microwave for long-distance transmission, and is not affected by weather, moisture interference, so the signal of GPS tracker send is to adopt the high frequency signals, a wavelength of microwaves to transmit to the earth.


    At present,the signal of GPS tracker includes three kind:SPS,PPS,Y code.

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    SPS means Standard Position Service. It is based with C/A which is the signal offered by USA. There is SA in it, so the channel is called L1(Link 1, 1575.42MHz more or less).


    PPS means Precision Position Service, can be called P code also. The channel for it is L2(Link2,1227.6MHz more or less). It is much more accurate than SPS.


    Y code is the channel used after C/A. It is used to prevent L2 from stealing. Only USA can get more accurate position by this channel.


    Selective availability was added in the signal of GPS tracker before, so the accuracy is only 100-150 meters and now GPS tracker accuracy can be 10-15 meters.


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