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    Connect to the World by Mini GPS Tracker Time:2013-08-07 09:23:12

    GPS portable tracker

    GPS global positioning system works by GPS satellites and GSM network. We can know the positions of the other things by GPS tracker. This kind of product is used for military in the beginning but used mainly in our life now.


    Mini GPS Tracker is with many features: accuracy coordinate, quick feedback, broad working area. It is very small but cheap.GPS mini tracker can be 5-10meters as the accuracy. It can be used to track, navigate, finding positions and can also connect with smart phone and PC.


    GPS portable tracker can be used in car also. It can save much GPRS data. The history trace can be checked on tracking software. It is free to use GPS. But need to pay for GPS tracker. The GPS portable tracker can get 8-10 satellites and it can connect with Bluetooth also.

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