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    Skills for GPS Tracker Time:2013-08-05 01:47:07

    More and more people begin to use GPS tracker to protect their cars because of increasing car owners. Some users can not use GPS tracker correctly even if they have GPS tracker at hand. We can use some simple ways to avoid of this.


    Most users spend a long time in the first using ,but can not track still. We can do the following:

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    1.Put the tracker outside to track since there is no GPS signal inside;


    2.Put the tracker away from the higher buildings or the places with signal interfence. You can move to another place if the GPS signal is not good;


    3.Put the tracker on the dashboard in car. Metal film will prevent GPS signal, so please take it away if there is it on the car window;


    4.Keep distance for two GPS trackers. Different item for the same brand should be more 10cm away with each other;


    5.Need to charge 4 hours at least for the first time to use GPS tracker;


    6.Need to press RESET button if the tracker can not get GPS signal for more than 5 minutes.

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