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    Application for GPS Tracker in transportation Time:2013-08-02 11:35:50

    The logistics industry is in one fast development now and there is big opportunity and challenge now. In order to survive,the logistics companies have to lower the cost. 

    Application for GPS Tracker in transportation

    GPS trackers can offer the kind of function now:

    1.higher the competition

    2. lower the cost

    3. manage the employees and trucks

    4 .offer better services for the customers

    The customers can know where are the packages and calculate the time to get it.


    GPS racker can lower the cost. It can prefix the driving road and the driver can drive according to the prefixed road only. The customers can monitor their package when they are at home.


    GPS tracker can anti-theft .  The driver can press SOS button when in emergency. The tracker will send SOS alert to the center and the policeman can deal with it quickly. The driver can cut off the engine also in order to protect the goods


    GPS tracker can be overs peed function. If the driver drive too fast, the tracker will send overspeed aleret. In this case, the driver can drive slowly to be safer.


    So GPS tracker can offer much help in logistic trade now and will be more and more helpful.

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