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    Something Needing to Pay Attention to in purchasing GPS Tracker Time:2013-08-01 01:51:29

    1.Satellite Orbit

    24 satellites goes according to the orbit( four satellites as one group). Most of the GPS tracker can get 8-12 satellites and needs at least four satellites to calculate the position.


    2.Parallel Channel

    Some kinds of GPS tracker can get 2-5 satellites by parallel channel. Most of GPS tracker can get GPS from 20 channels, so they can get GPS signal from each GPS satellite. The cold and warm operation from 12 channels make the GPS signal more accurate even if in forest. So the GPS tracker with 20 channels does not need external GPS antenna in most of the situations.


    3.Tracking Time

    Tracking time means the time to search GPS signal when restart the GPS vehicle tracker. It needs 3-5 minuts as cold operation and 15-30s as warm operation for the GPS tracker with 20 channels.


    4. Accuracy of Tracking

    Most of GPS tracker is 2.93m29.3m as the tracking accuracy.



    DGPS is a kind of equipment which can get GPS signal. It knows the accurate time of getting GPS signal, compaire it with real-time, then calculate the difference. The other GPS receiver will know more accurate GPS signal and time from it. Some GPS tracker suppliers installed DGPS in some places and the user can use it for free.


    6.Signal Interference

    You need to put the GPS tracker in the place where can get 3-5 satellites at least. If the tracker is in the forest or in the vally, the tracker can not tracking. Some GPS tracker is with external GPS antenna which can help to get better GPS signal.

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