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    Some Problems in Using GPS Tracker Product Time:2013-07-31 09:25:14

    1. GPS Signal


    GPS receiver can get GPS signal only when it gets three satellites at least. So the gps signal is not good if there is something on it. The way to avoid this is to put the tracker in the outside with open air. GPS car tracker can connect with external GPS antenna.


    2 Waterproofed


    Most of the GPS trackers are waterproofed




    The tracker can work at 60 degree. If the temperature is too slow, we need to try to make the temperature lower so that the tracker can work normally.




    It is 12-15 meters for GPS accuracy. There is GPS tracker with 2cm for the accuracy, but it is very expensive


    5.Lost Problem


    Due to some special reasons, some places are hard to find longitude and latitude and terrain are very accurate maps, GPS manufacturers and USGS nor can provide accurate information. So must pay attention to the purchase amount of GPS to provide how much POINT and legs, the two function can make us more than fixed-point in uncertain region, under the worst condition can walk back out of the woods.




    GPS tracker abroad is double price with it in home market. 

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