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    Applications for GPS Tracker Time:2013-07-30 10:10:00



    Mainly for ships, cars, planes and other moving objects for navigation and tracking, such as:

    Guide for boat

    Guide for airplane

    GPS tracker for car

    Protect person

    Connect with mobile phone etc

    2 .Measure


    Network time synchronization including Electric Power, Posts,Communications etc.

    Accurate time of the grant

    The accurate frequency


    3.Military Application


    U.S. navy nuclear submarine, soldiers are equipped with GPS, GPS tracking of ship-borne missiles


    4. Civil use


    Management of GPS Vehicle Tracker, tracking and navigation of aircraft, agricultural monitoring, GPS equipped patrol uplift, mount Everest, investigation of forest land survey project, self-help tourism, resource management, ecological research to wear GPS collars


    GPS hardware can be used fully now in the world nearly including all of the fields. The end users are attracted by GPS produce because of the accurate position ,cheap price, high quality.

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