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    How to Purchase GPS Vehicle Tracker Time:2013-07-25 11:00:54

    It is very normal that the streets are in maintenance or the cars are stealed.  Many car owners will meet this kind of problems and they need GPS vehicle tracker at this time.


    There are many branded GPS vehicle trackers on the market now, but the users do not know how to judge the quality. The following is the ways to choose GPS tracker:

     GPS Vehicle Tracker


    1.Check the Design Material 

    This is the simplest way to check it. Most of the GPS car trackers are square,so there will be corners for them . The users can feel the corners by their hand. If the corners are aculeated,,this kind of GPS hardware is with poor quality. Some copy supplier will not spend money to do this. But there will be radiation if these parts can not be dealed with very well.


    2.Check the Speed for GPRS Data

    The GPS hardware will send GPRS data to the tracking monitoring center. If the speed is very slow and unaccurate,the user needs to pay attention. Generally speaking, it is 30s as the speed.


    3.Updated Version of Mapping Software


    Digital map is the center part in using GPS hardware. All of the branded GPS are with authorised edition. But inferior brand GPS always use old mapping software. The users can know it from the updating date of the map.


    In addition, you can also from the GPS vehicle tracker, chip, antenna, the processor, memory, screen view, buttons, speakers, etc.

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