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    The Detailed Information on XEXUN GPS Tracker Time:2013-07-23 05:57:11

    1.Real-time tracking

    All of the cars can be seen on the map. The tracking software will be larger or smaller according to the GPS car trackers quantity so that all of the cars can be seen on one map.Sparking quickly means the tracker is moving and slowly means the tracker stops moving.


    2.Larger for one Tracker

    The tracking software will display the driving rode by blue line. The real-time position of the tracker will refresh in one minute interval so that there is the newest data always on the data base. If the digital map is not clear, we can change to satellite map.


    3.Satellite Map

    The buildings around the tracker can be seen clearly by satellite map


    4.Accurate Digital Map

    The mapping software is authorised edition. The position history trace, the buildings around the tracker will be displayed on the map.


    5 .History-trace

    The history trace for any time can be checked on the map and can download directly to computer by EXCEl document.


    6.Driving Miles and Oil Information

    The tracking software can record the driving time, stop time, driving mileage and oil information.


    7.Analize the Stopping Place of the Cars

    The tracking software can get the driving miles,oil consumption and driving time according to the driving time and the driving places.This data can be saved by Excel formatdriving form The tracking software can analyze the data and made stopping statement driving statement overspeed statement and etc.


    8.Cecking Tracker by Mobile Phone

    The user can check the position by mobile phone which is very easy and simple.


    9.Geo-fence Alert

    The tracking software will send alert when the tracker enter in the geo-fence, out of the geo-fence and send alert when the car door is closed or opened.


    11.Mark more Information.

    Company can mark their own positions and other places on the tracking software. The mark will be displayed on the car tracking and history trace. In this case, the company will know whether the driver drives according to the fixed driving road.


    13.SMS Alert

    The GPS tracker will alert to tracking software in emergency. The tracking software will send SMS to the user. 

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