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    GPS Tracking Software is Used Widely Time:2013-07-19 09:20:15
     There is stable ip for GPS tracking software which can be used to deal with the GPRS data from GPS hardware.


    Tracking software including hardware and software. Software includes data base, GIS ,network protocol etc.


    There are different GPS tracking software according to different use:


    1. Monitoring center for taxes, long-distance bus


    2. Monitoring center for transportation trucks


    3.Fleet management for government


    4.Management for insurance cars on duty


    5.Monitoring system for policemen in duty


    6.Monitoring center for cars to ship bills


    7.Controlling center for emergency cars such as 120


    8.Tracking for the cars in enterprises


    9.Tracking for kids and elderly


    10.Monitoring for Military exercises


     11.Tracking used by private detective


    12.Protecting  SeniIe dementia patients,madmen and the blind menfrom loosing


    13.Tracking for illegal persons


    14.Tracking and protecting marriage


    15.Tracking for athletes training

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