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    Solution for Transport Vehicle with Dangerous Products Time:2013-07-18 09:33:02

    The fleet manager can see position clearly on the map for the transport vehicles by car GPS tracking system. The following is advantages:

    1.make sure the transportation is safer

    2.response quickly for alert information

    3.Control the driving way and area

    4.Control the driving speed


    Main Features:


    1.Main-Power Cutting off Alert

    The power of GPS trackers come from car battery. If there is no power, GPS hardware will send alert to the center and the client automatically. GPS tracker will work by it’s back-up battery



    Gps hardware will send SOS alert to the center. The center can deal with it quickly


    3 Overspeed Alert

    The center can do presetting for the driving speed. When the driving speed is more than the preset speed, the center will know it and deal with it


    4.Geo-Fence Area

    GPS hardware will send alert to the center if it goes out of the preset area. The center can deal with it quickly


    5. cut-off Engine

    The center can cut off engine to stop the car. There will be audio reminder for this


    6.SMS Communication

    GPS hardware connect with LCD discreen and can send SMS to the center



    GPS hardware connects with car telephone, can talk with the center


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