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    Detailed Information for XeXun GPS Tracker Time:2013-07-15 11:24:36

    GPS tracking system includes GPS satellites, GSM/GPRS/CDMA and GIS . It can be used to track and protect persons, pets and cars.

    How to use GPS tracking system in our daily life? 

    There needs to be GPS hardware, GPRS transmitting and tracking server in order to realize tracking. The monitoring system can be used to car management including car-theft, car’s driving road and SOS center. It can be used for pets and persons to protect them.


    Three mainly parts for car GPS tracking system: GPS hardware, monitoring system,GPRS transmitting.


    1.GPS hardware


    GPS hardware includes CPU,GPS,GSM module,PCB and I/O connectors. People can put them in pocket, bag etc.


    2.GPS monitoring system


    It is center of tracking software. If GPS hardware is installed in car or people have it in the pocket, GPS module will send real-time GPRS data to tracking system. The positions for the GPS hardwares can be seen on the map. The commands can be sent from tracking system to GPS hardwares also.


    3. GPRS transmitting


    GPRS and SMS are two ways to get position for GPS hardwares. But GPRS is main way to do it.


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