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    Main Fields for GPS Trackers on the Market Time:2013-07-12 11:13:49

    There are different kinds of GPS trackers on the market, GPS product main function is navigation and positioningand there are mainly four fields for GPS trackers:


    1. Navigator. This kind of product uses GPS inside


    2. Monitoring and GPS tracking for cars. Cars here include private cars, taxies, trucks etc. The speed, position, history-trace, directions of the cars can be known if GPS trackers are installed. Cars can be used reasonably and the drivers can be monitored by GPS tracker also.


    3. Tracking for old persons, kids, pets. GPS trackers can be used to protect old persons, kids and persons from being missing if they have GPS trackers on.


    4. Can be used for the workers who work outside. For example, someone use this monitor burning straw, group travel products equipped with words.


    The above is the common ways to use GPS trackers, especially to use for cars. Gps trackers are used mainly for cars for tracking , monitoring, anti-theft etc.

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