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    The Accuracy of GPS Tracker Depends on the Chipset Time:2013-07-10 11:45:14

    Self-service GPS tracker with GPS chip are closely related, it relates to the self-service GPS tracking speed and search ability, positioning accuracy, the gps chipset is decisive in the quality of the GPS tracker.


    1.GPS Chipset


    At present the commonly used on international mainly have three kinds of main chipset:

    (1)Sirf in USA


    (3) NEMERIX chip from Swiss NENEM company

     gps chipset

    2.GPS Module:


    The quality of GPS tracker is not good somes even if they are with brand new GPS signal.GPS chipset is only one main part of GPS tracker .It is similar with heart, brain for human being.But need to work the other kinds of parts in order to get high quality GPS tracker.


    3.Advantages for GPS Trackers in Shenzhen Xexun


    (1)very quick to get GPS signal. The tracker can get GPS signal within 5-30 seconds


    (2)position does not do much effect to gps tracker. Shenzhen Xexun GPS tracker can get 4 satellites even if it is in the tube ,car etc


    (3)Anti-jamming performance,The tracker can work well even if it is near with mobile phone, magnetic field etc


    (4)low power consumption,The tracker will be in power-saving mode to longer the standby time


    (5)compact size,GPS tracker with smaller size is more and more popular now. They can be used in many different fields.

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