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    Application for GPS Watch Tracker in Shenzhen Xexun Time:2013-07-08 11:51:51

    GPS watch tracker tk203 in Shenzhen Xexun is the newest GPS watch tracker in the market.It is with GPS and LBS tracking and can track only with one SIM card. There is SOS button on this tracker. If the user presses SOS button, the tracker will call to all authorized numbers one by one. The tracker will send SOS messages with the latest position if all of the authorized numbers don’t pick up the phone. This function is very suitable for the employees who have to work each day. They can know the position for their kids and parents in the working time.

     GPS Watch Tracker

    This GPS watch can be used for the adult not only for kids and the elder. Mr. Lee likes travelling alone very much. He was lost in one time for three days. The emergency workers found him finally because of his GPS watch tracker. Mr. Lee said he would bring GPS watch tracker no matter he goes always.


    GPS watch tracker is very useful for the person who driving cars. There is SOS button, Tel button, music and video functions but tracking.


    GPS tracker with compact size will be more and more popular as times going by.GPS mini watch tracker in Shenzhen Xexun can meet this needs for most of the people.    


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